Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete is the mixing of aggregate and liquid asphalt at elevated temperatures in an asphalt plant. Typically, asphalt concrete mixtures are divided into three mixture categories: dense-graded; open-graded; and fine-graded as a function of the aggregate gradation used in the mix. In addition to our standard mixes Reed & Graham, Inc. proudly produces more environmentally responsible asphalt concrete mixes such as (WMA) warm mix asphalt manufactured at lower temperatures and (RAP) recycled asphalt pavement manufactured using a percentage of recycled aggregate.

Specific Materials and Applications

Course Graded: Used for deep lift sections and heavy traffic treas.

Medium Graded: Used for residential streets and parking lots.

Fine Graded: Used for pathways and private driveways.

Open Graded: Used to remove water quickly from the surface.

Cold Mix: Used to temporarily fill pothole and unpaved areas.

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