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Presto Geosystems GEOWEB® Cellular Confinement Systems

Presto Geosystems GEOWEB® is a three-dimensional Cellular Confinement System, (CCS) commonly referred to as geocells. This product was developed by Presto Geosystems and the US Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1970’s. The initial purpose was to build access roads across beaches for landing crafts to deploy equipment using beach sand as the fill material. Presto’s GEOWEB® system is the industry’s ‘most complete geocell system’ designed with fully engineered components to withstand the most challenging site problems. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) since conception, GEOWEB® geocells offer the highest, longest-lasting, and most proven performance of any geocell system in civil applications. GEOWEB® Geocells can be used for a multitude of applications and this product is capable of being soil, aggregate, or concrete-filled depending on jobsite requirements and conditions.

Presto Geosystems GEOWEB® design guidelines for a variety of applications may be found on the following links:

  – an introduction to the GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System and the ATRA® Geocell Accessories that have been developed to optimize the installation of the GEOWEB® System.

  - Make use of local fill to construct site access roads with the GEOWEB® Load Support System allowing immediate access after installation. The GEOWEB® System outperforms 2D reinforcement materials, like geogrid and geotextiles, that require deeper, more costly base materials. The GEOWEB® 3D Confinement System is equally beneficial for base stabilization under asphalt or concrete and can reduce base materials by 50% or more.

  - Stabilize the upper soil layer on embankments with the GEOWEB® Slope Protection System to resist sliding, prevent severe erosion caused by surface runoff, and allow steeper slopes to be built. Protect geomembranes on dams, landfills, and containment basins with the industry’s only complete geocell solution featuring the tendon and ATRA® Tendon Clip support system.

  – The GEOWEB® Shoreline Protection System offers unique solutions to prevent erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow, and wave action. GEOWEB® Geocells provides protect to geomembranes on ponds and in stormwater and wastewater containment basins. The GEOWEB System creates a stable environment for infill.

  - Design GEOWEB® Channels with varying infill options that eliminates the need for costly rip-rap, gabions, and articulated concrete blocks (ACBs). Prevent erosion on channel slopes exposed to intermittent or continuous flow conditions with single-layered or tiered GEOWEB® Geocell sections. With an overlying TRM, GEOWEB® Vegetated Channels can withstand flows up to 30 ft/sec (9m/sec)!

  - Design vegetated reinforced and gravity walls that retain structural integrity even in poor base conditions with GEOWEB® Retaining Walls. The GEOWEB® System’s open-celled terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allow stormwater infiltration. GEOWEB® Walls conform well to landscape contours, are resistant to environmental degradation, and install 25-30% faster than MSE block walls. Presto offers free design software to create GEOWEB® Retaining Walls.

  - Shore up steep embankments and prevent severe erosion on slopes and channels with the GEOWEB® System. The 3D cellular network prevents sheet flow from causing scour and erosion on slope surfaces. Confinement of infill allows smaller rock or vegetation in place of larger, costly rip rap. With concrete infill, the system is a flexible, hard-armor solution — more economical than reinforced concrete or articulated concrete blocks (ACBs).

  – The engineering team at Presto Geosystems can help you with GEOWEB® Geocell design support. Take advantage of our 40-year geocell technology experience and let us perform a free evaluation for your GEOWEB® project. Our recommendations will deliver a structurally-sound, cost-effective solution based on three-decades of accredited research and testing data. Complete the online submission form for your application. Allow a few days turnaround for each project request.

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