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Porous Pavement

Porous pavement is a permeable surface composed of any media that allows water to pass through it. Permeable pavement catches rain water and surface runoff, allowing it to slowly percolate into the soil below. The most common uses of permeable pavement are parking lots, low-traffic roads, sidewalks, and driveways. Porous Pavement also acts as a protection layer for the roots of trees and other plants. By choosing to work with a porous pavement surface, you allow more water into the soil for trees, grass, and plants nearby.

Presto Geosystems Porous Pavement Systems are made using recycled materials helping to create less waste in landfills and promoting cleaner practices across cities. This and benefits to stormwater quality control and heat island effect provide LEED Green Building Credits to the design when using these products. These products also meet the accessibility requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines.

Porous Pavement Products

Supply your project with a high strength, porous pavement system that provides a drivable grass system. Geoblock 5150 is strong enough to support fire truck access lanes without failure and provides an eco-friendly drivable surface. The porous pavement allows stormwater infiltration, resulting in less stormwater runoff. This system also reduces the heat island effect of typical concrete or asphalt surfaces. Geoblock 5150 is economical and easy to install.

This system is similar to Geoblock 5150. This system is installed and used in a similar manner but is intended for light to medium traffic loads. Excellent for overflow parking, cart paths and trails. Geoblock is an economical turf reinforcement product for lighter duty applications.

For use when a porous gravel surface is desired. Geopave supports all vehicle loads while providing a porous natural surface. The panels have a mesh bottom that works to keep the infill material confined to prevent the downward migration of the fill from lifting the panels. SNAP delineators are available to layout parking stalls, lanes and crosswalks.

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