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Geocomposite Drainage Products

Reed & Graham, Inc. represent a few manufacturers that produce different types of geocomposite drainage products. We stock the American Wick Drain and Multi-Flow drainage composites and associated fittings/connectors.

American Wick Drain produces a vacuum formed dimple board that is covered with a geotextile filter fabric. This product is normally installed vertically with the fabric side towards the earth and the flat side attached to the foundation. Available with solid or perforated cores depending on the need for the application. Typical applications are foundation wall drains, retaining wall drains, and planter drains.

AWD Strip Drain is used where a water collection system is needed or full area drainage coverage is not necessary or practical. It is an engineered drainage product consisting of a formed, polymeric core and a fully wrapped, laminated geotextile. An effective alternative to French drain pipe & stone systems providing subsurface collection and conveyance of water. Typical applications are golf courses, athletic fields, and residential yards.

The Multi-Flow Drainage System is a fast acting, durable drain intended for the efficient removal of excess soil water. Multi-Flow is a closed-core geocomposite drain, made from HDPE, corrugated and perforated throughout. It is lightweight, strong and performs to meet the highest industry standards. Multi-Flow’s rugged design allows for shallow installation resulting in faster water entrance and reduced installation costs compared to traditional French drains. Its extensive surface area collects water quickly and its unobstructed flow channels carry that water away at an astonishing rate. Multi-Flow’s core is wrapped in a nonwoven geotextile fabric that prevents sand and soil from entering the flow channels, dramatically extending the life of the system.

Multi-Flow drain is manufactured in three sizes: 6-inch, 12-inch, and 18-inch. A full complement of “push-on” fittings and connectors is available in all three sizes, which make it fast and easy to create professional drainage installations. Applications for the Multi-Flow Drainage System include Athletic Fields, Golf Courses, Parks, Landscapes and Roadways.

Geonet Geocomposite Net Drains

Geonet is a three dimensional bi or tri planar net manufactured from high density polyethylene, HDPE, with nonwoven geotextile on the top and bottom of drainage core. Three dimensional geonet (drainage core) provides higher lateral drainage of liquids and gases in all directions.
We offer Geonet Geocomposite Net Drains from 2 sources:

 – Manufacturer of bi and tri planar Geonet Geocomposite Net Drains

 - Manufacturer of bi planar Geonet Geocomposite Net Drains

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