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Drainage Composites

Reed & Graham, Inc. stocks a wide variety of drainage composites.  We represent two main manufacturers that produce different types of composite products.

American Wick Drain

American Wick Drain produces a vacuum formed dimple board that is covered with a geotextile filter fabric.  This board is normally installed vertically with the fabric side towards the earth and the flat side attached to the foundation.  There are a wide variety of applications and products depending on application.  Typical applications are foundation wall drains, retaining wall drains, and planter drains.  For other applications, please click on the following link:

American Wick:  Prefabricated Drainage Systems

Subsurface Drainage


Multi-Flow is a closed-core geocomposite drain, made from HDPE, corrugated and perforated throughout. It is lightweight, strong and performs to meet the highest industry standards. Designed to replace the French Drain (rock and pipe method), Multi-Flow is quite cost effective and installs in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Used horizontally or vertically depending on application, Multi-Flow is the industry standard in the following applications:


1.       Area Collectors – By collecting/removing excess subsurface water, Multi-Flow flow is effective in

2.       Perimeter/Sheet Drain – Used against areas where excess water must be contained, such as

3.       Synthetic Liner (Multi-Flow LDVS)


4.       Multi-Flow Is quickly becoming an industry standard for the following uses

Follow this link to manufacturer’s website: Multi-Flow Water Drainage System

Strip Drains
AWD Strip Drain is used where a water collection system is needed or full area drainage coverage is not necessary or practical. It can replace traditional pipe and stone for drainage collection systems. Typical applications are golf courses, athletic fields, and residential yards.

Strip Drain



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