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Geomembrane Liners

Reed & Graham, Inc. represents a few manufacturers of quality geomembranes. Geomembrane liners are manufactured from several different resins and the choice of liner type is dictated by the end use application. The following is a list of some liner types and their applications:

Geomembrane Liner Types


HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

Bioswales, irrigation ponds, canals, ditches, water reservoirs, Secondary containment cells/systems, Soil Remediation, landfill cells, covers, & caps

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Irrigation ponds, canals, reservoirs, ditches, Aquaculture & Horticulture applications, Wastewater lagoons, potable water reservoirs & tank linings

PPL Polypropylene

Irrigation ponds, canals, reservoirs, ditches, golf courses & decorative ponds, wastewater treatment & containment, Landfill liners, covers, & caps


Hazardous waste containment, Landfill cells and caps, Tank farms, Chemical treatment ponds & Environmental containment

GCL Geocomposite Clay Liner

Solid waste containment, Water & wastewater treatment, containment & lagoons, Environmental containment, Landfills & dams

We stock HDPE liner in 20, 30 and 40 mil thicknesses in 23x100 rolls and double- sided tape for field seam sealing. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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