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Sediment Control Devices

We stock a complete line of filled and unfilled gravel bags.  We also stock poly-white and burlap sand bags unfilled and poly-white filled sandbags in all of our stocking locations.  Please see the link below for pictures and decriptions of our gravel bag offering.

Silt Sack® used to prevent silt and sediment from entering storm drain.  The cone shaped sack is designed to fit into the storm drain under the grate; made from a high strength, high flow, woven geotextile.  Available sizes are 2’x2’, 2’x3’ & 2’x4’, in 18” and 36” depths, and 18”x42”x18”.  Custom sizes are also available.

Dirt Bag® – used as a dewatering product. Dirt Bag is made from a high strength non-woven geotextile fabric and is designed to utilize up to a 4” discharge hose.  As water is pumped into Dirt Bag, silt builds up on the inside of the bag and filtered water is allowed to pass through fabric.  This system effectively removes sand, silt and fines from the water.  The bag is disposed of after it becomes full.  Stocking sizes are 10’x15’ or 4’x6’.

Triangular Silt Dike™ – temporary ditch liner or check dam made of flexible urethane foam core wrapped in a woven geotextile fabric.  This product is flexible enough to allow vehicles to pass over it without damage.  This product is reusable and comes in 6” or 12” high and 7’ long.

Silt Fence is a woven geotextile fabric fence with hardwood stakes attached.  Designed to pond or trap silt behind fabric.  Fence fabric must be installed 6-12” into soil and backfilled.  Typical roll sizes are 3’x100’ with 48” hardwood stakes installed at 8’ or 10’ on center.  Silt Fence material is also available without stakes.

GeoRidge® The original, patented ditch berm.  Energy dissipation device/water velocity reducer. GeoRidge is a UV stabilized HDPE berm that is 1 meter (39.4") long, 0.27 meter (10.6") wide, and 0.23 meter (9.1") tall. Each berm weighs ~ 1 kg (~ 2.2 lbs). Rather than totally blocking the flow velocities, GeoRidge provides a smoother, less damaging release of water - aiding in the elimination of sediment.

Gravel Bags – used to filter large silt particles or reduce flow velocity around drain inlets and curb/gutter areas. Available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your specific needs.  Use only drain rock, no sand.

Gutterbuddy™ – Curb Inlet and Ditch Pavement filter logs, used where staking is not possible and water contains sediments which need to be filtered.  Product is reusable and can be washed clean.  Product is available in 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths, 9” diameter.

Roc Soc  - The superior gravel bag in 2’ ,3’ , or 4’ lengths.  Manufactured from heavy weight non-woven fabric to withstand wheel impact.

Turbidity Barriers are floating or staked barriers used to contain sediment.  The floating barriers are placed so the run-off water is contained and the sediment drops out of the water prior to flowing under the barrier.  The staked turbidity barrier is normally used to direct runoff to a containment area. 
Aer-Flo, Inc. - Turbidity Barriers

ERTEC Perimeter Guard - Perimeter Guard is a tested, patented, high performance and low cost system designed to provide effective sediment control on or around construction sites. Stands up to foot and vehicular traffic and is re-usable.

AGES Mud Mats - Mud Mats allow site access for use on soft soils and sensitive areas. They are designed to be used on soft, unstable ground such as mud, sand and snow. Use in many applications such as residential construction site entrances, golf courses and parks.



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