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Specialty Products

Reed & Graham, Inc. stocks silt fence in prefabricated rolls with stakes attached, silt fence fabric only for onsite construction and silt fence fabric with wire mesh backing. Silt fence is available with black and orange fabric. We also stock orange ESA fencing and steel T-Posts, hardwood stakes, and plastic ties to complete our installation package.

Wooden Stakes for use on Fiber Roll/Straw Wattle Installation
We stock a full range of wooden stakes for use in the installation of fiber rolls. Sizes include 1”x1”x18”, 1”x1”x24” for Caltrans Type 1 installation, 1”x2”x18”, 1”x2”x24”, 1”x2” x24” with notches for Caltrans Type 2 installation. Other sizes are available on special order. Coir rope in ¼”x1,200’ coils is stocked for Caltrans Type 2 installation requirements.

Steel Staples and Fabric Pins for Blanket and Fabric Installation
We stock a variety of steel staples and pins for use when installing erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement blankets and geotextile fabrics. We stock 6”x1”x9” 9 ga., 8”x1”x8” 8 ga., 8”x2”x8” 8 ga and 12”x1”x12” 8 ga. staples, 6” 8 ga. round top pins and 12” and 18”, 3/16” dia. fabric pins with 1.5” washers. Other sizes are available on special order. We also stock the  for use with standard staples.

Sheet Waterproofing Membrane
We offer the   waterproofing system for foundation and retaining wall applications. It is a flexible, versatile, dependable, roll-type waterproofing membrane. Rolls are 38.5”x62.5” and it can be used by itself for waterproofing applications or in conjunction with Geocomposite Drainage Panels.

BioLoxx is a 100% biobased product that is engineered to protect workers and the environment by absorbing oils and lubricants from spills and equipment leaks. A 25-pound bag will absorb about 12 gallons of petroleum-based oil. Use up to 75% less BioLoxx than clay-based products, by volume, and not have the health hazards associated with clay dust for your spill clean up.

Reed & Graham, Inc. Fabrication
We manufacture several specialty products such as gravel bags, dewatering bags, and temporary catch basin filter bags. We have the capability to sew large panels of woven or nonwoven fabric to specific job specifications.

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