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Specialty Products

Reed & Graham, Inc. stocks a variety of styles of barrier fencing.  Orange in color to stand out on construction sites, we have plastic and fabric styles.  This fencing is also used for E.S.A. fencing.  We stock steel T-Post, hardwood stakes, and plastic ties to complete our installation package.
Bio-Matrix also known as Spill Sorb is an oil and chemical absorbent.  This product encapsulates the oil or material being absorbed.  1.2 cubic feet of the product is capable of absorbing 15 US gallons.  Reed & Graham, Inc. manufactures oil absorbent booms and pads using this material.
Specialty Geosynthetics
Reed & Graham, Inc. is a distributor for Huesker Specialty fabrics and liner materials.  These products are manufactured for a specific application.  We have post consumer recycled channel liners with fabric bonded to the liner, 8 oz through 100 oz polyester fabrics, and a fabric bonded to an oil absorbent material to be used under trucks, paving machines, railroad engines or any other equipment which may leak oil. 
HUESKER Synthetics
Reed & Graham, Inc. Fabrication
We manufacture several specialty products such as gravel bags, Roc Soc and special size sediment bags.  We have the capability to sew large panels of woven or nonwoven fabric to specific job specifications.
Reed & Graham, Inc. - Geosyntehtics

Trash Racks Water Screening Devices.  Plastic Solutions Trash Racks are made from structural plastic, which provides high strength, lightweight, impact resistant alternative to metal trash racks.

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