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Paving Products

Application and Design Challenges

Governments today are caught in a squeeze between aging roadway systems and shrinking maintenance budgets. A major contributor to roadway deterioration is water beneath a pavement, which softens the sub-grade soil, which destroys the structural ability of the pavement section. A pavement with a base that becomes saturated as little as 10% of the time will only have 50% of the life compared to a pavement where water is kept out of the base. Most of this water that enters the pavement section comes through cracks and pores in the pavement surface.

· Mirafi® MPV, a nonwoven paving fabric, is installed in combination with an asphalt cement tack coat. The fabric absorbs the tack coat forming a full width waterproofing membrane between the old and new pavement surfaces.

·  Mirafi® MTK, a nonwoven paving fabric that is pre-saturated with asphalt cement at the factory. This is a strip product 12 inches to 36” wide that is installed centered over large pavement cracks that have been pre-filled with crack sealing products. This product is self-adhesive. This product is frequently used to waterproof bridge decks prior to paving with asphalt.

·  PavePrep is available in two configurations. Standard Paveprep requires an asphalt cement tack to create adhesion to the old asphalt surface. Paveprep SA is a self adhesive product that will stick to clean, dry asphalt as long as the temperature is 50 degrees and higher during installation. Best results are achieved using a tack coat.

·  StarGrid™ is a fiberglass paving grid. 
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