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Sediment Control - Filtrexx®

Filtrexx® Sediment control is a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water runoff filtration device typically used for perimeter control of sediment and other soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons), on and around construction ativities.

Filtrexx® Sediment control is to be installed down slope of any disturbed area requiring erosion and sediment control and filtration of soluble pollutants from runoff. Sediment control is effective when installed perpendicular to sheet or low concentrated flow. Acceptable applications include:
• Site perimeters
• Above and below disturbed areas subject to sheet runoff, interrill and rill erosion
• Above and below exposed and erodable slopes
• Around area drains or inlets located in a ‘sump’
• On compacted soils where trenching of silt fence is difficult or impossible
• Around sensitive trees where trenching of silt fence is not beneficial for tree survival or may unnecessarily disturb established vegetation.
• On frozen ground where trenching of silt fence is impossible.
• On paved surfaces where trenching of silt fence is impossible

In addition to perimeter control applications, Filtrexx can be used as an effective slope interruption best management practice.

Filtrexx® Slope interruption slow runoff velocity and reduce soil erosion by dissipating the energy of overland sheet flow runoff, reducing its erosive potential, while also trapping moving sediment and soluble pollutants. Reducing runoff velocity reduces the potential of rill erosion formation on hill slopes. Slope interruption trap sediment and soluble pollutants by filtering runoff water as it passes through the matrix of the Slope interruption and by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the Soxxtm, allowing deposition of suspended solids.

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